Friday, November 28, 2014
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It's only as GREAT as we can make it!

Simply put, our club could not exist year after year without drawing upon the support and talents of our wonderfully diverse membership. Outside of some select coaching team members, there are no paid positions or hired personnel at Calgary BMX Racing. Every aspect of the track upkeep and the successful execution of our racing events are 100% organized, managed and done through volunteer efforts.

As "many hands make light work", our Volunteer Agreement Program is in place to encourage participation from all willing and able members and their families to assist with all aspects of the club operations. Help is always needed and greatly appreciated in many areas including:


Concession Help

First Aid Attendants

Track Officiating


Finish Line

Track Maintenance

Work Party Volunteers

50/50 Ticket Sales

Never be too shy to ask. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator directly or see any of the Calgary BMX Racing Executive Team, for detailed information on the variety of positions that must be filled to commence each and every district race.


Casino Fundraiser 2016

Our next Casino will be in the first quarter of 2016. Thank you to everyone who volunteered at the Casino in June 2014.


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