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BMX Racing Sport Rules

Calgary BMX Racing is sanctioned by the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) and follows all International Cycling Union (UCI) standards and rules for BMX Racing enforced through the Alberta Bicycling Association (ABA).

  • The complete UCI rulebook can be viewed here.
  • For the complete CCA licensing rules, click here.


Calgary BMX Racing Code of Conduct

The following guidelines apply to the Calgary BMX Racing Club and are strictly enforced for the safety of all riders:

  • The track is ONE-WAY ONLY. Do not ride the track backwards or crosscut to other areas. It is difficult to see over obstacles and DANGEROUS COLLISIONS can occur.
  • NO TRICK RIDING – this includes kick-outs (where the rider kicks out the back wheel while in the air). This is a safety issue for other riders in pursuit as they may be struck.
  • In the event of a fall resulting in injury, riders must do their best to not panic and REMAIN STILL. There are certified first aid personnel present at all times. Race officials will caution all other riders on the track and assistance will be immediate. Parents of injured riders must stay off the track unless their assistance is requested by the attending first aid professional.
  • In the event of a non-injury fall, riders must stand up and signal that they are OK to the nearest track official, and then continue on their way.
  • A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN MUST ACCOMPANY all riders under the age of 16. No child is to be left unattended, for coaching or racing, without an adult responsible for their well-being. If the parent or guardian cannot stay it is their responsibility to arrange for another to supervise their child.
  • STREET BIKES ARE ALLOWED, they may just need a few minor modifications. Remove any pegs, kickstand, chain guard or items that could fall off onto the track and cause injury. To make sure your bike is safe, refer to the equipment & safety requirements and then ask any Calgary BMX official to inspect it prior to taking it out on track.

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