Saturday, August 29, 2015
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In every race, SAFETY places first!

BMX Racing is an extreme, full-contact sport with a risk of injury. However, through regular track & equipment maintenance, training & coaching programs and the strict enforcement of all sport rules, Calgary BMX Racing strives to provide the safest environment possible for all participants. There are trained and certified first-aid personnel on-site for all club coaching, training and racing events.

The official rules and regulations of BMX Racing require the following safety equipment for all riders:

A Bike – BMX style of course, sized properly for the rider (download sizing chart here).

Rear Brakes
– coaster or backward pedal brakes are not allowed.

Full Face Helmet
– DOT approved.

Long Sleeve Shirt
– any kind, but the sleeves must reach to the wrist.

Riding Pants
– mottocross or kevlar riding pants are mandatory.

– full finger.

– no boots or sandals, and laces must be tucked in.

Please familiarize yourself with all sport rules and club's code of conduct or contact any member of the Calgary BMX Racing Executive team with questions or concerns regarding the club's safety polices and procedures.


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