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About / What is BMX Racing?

The Lowdown

Where it began...

BMX (Bicycle Motocross) racing was born in the early 70's out of the vacant lots and fields of Southern California. From a handful of adventurous riders who rode stingray-type bikes at these off-road locations, the sport has grown globally and gained steady momentum over the years. Most recently, BMX Racing has experienced a vast increase in popularity as a result of its inclusion as an event in the Summer Olympic Games.

Currently, over 150,000 riders of all ages participate in organized, sanctioned races at permanent tracks all across North America – there are 11 official tracks / clubs throughout Alberta alone.

What is it EXACTLY?

BMX Races are sprint bicycle races on purpose-built, off-road, single-lap race tracks. The track consists of a starting gate (for up to eight riders) that leads into a groomed, serpentine dirt racecourse that includes various jumps and rollers...and a finish line. Race points are determined from the riders finishing position calculated over three separate heats (or motos). BMX racing develops and rewards strength, quickness and bike handling technique.

The sport is facilitated by a number of regional, national and international sanctioning bodies - Alberta BMX Association, Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA), Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) and the International Cycling Union (UCI). Working together, these associations provide rules for governing conduct, age group and skill-level classifications. They also maintain the points-accumulation system over each racing season.

I'm too old to start now...or, I'm just a girl...WHATEVER!!!

BMX Racing is an exciting summer sport that the whole family can enjoy - for boys and girls, men and women of all ages. Whether a rider, spectator or track volunteer – up close and personal with the action – BMX offers something for everyone!

Riders are organized into separate male and female classes, and then subdivided by age group and skill level. Classifications range from 5 & under to 51 & over, with all single year of age – male and female – classifications in between. Within each age class there are three skill levels – novice, intermediate and expert. All riders start as novice and work up to more advanced levels.

Everybody participates and no one sits on the bench!



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