2018 Club Coaching

Exclusive to Calgary BMX Racing members, our recreational and competitive coaching sessions run weekly all season long. Our team will help you develop the skills you need to ride the track with confidence or race your way to the top of the podium!

Note that all coaching days run the entire racing season but are subject to weather/track conditions and cancellations. Join the Calgary BMX Racing Facebook page for your most up-to-the-minute schedule information.

Beginner/Novice Club Practice| Monday 6:30 to 8:00 pm

  • Beginners to BMX and/or some of our younger riders that are still getting the hang of riding should come to this practice. Our coaches will focus on teaching our riders the BMX fundamentals while keeping it fun and rad!
  • Club coaching for Calgary BMX riders with a membership.

Intermediate/ Expert Club Practice Club | Thursdays 6:30 to 7:30 pm, followed by open track

  • Experienced novice, intermdiate and expert riders that are ready to take it to the next level should come to this practice. Come on out to get faster, get stronger and continue improving on the fundamentals of riding.
  • Club coaching for Calgary BMX riders with a membership.

Calgary BMX Race Team Coaching | Tuesday 6:30 to 7:30 pm, followed by open track

Our race team is a group of riders that come to a sign-up at the beginning of the season to join the team and are willing to commit to:

  • Race team practices
  • Going to 4 out of the 8 provincials + grands
  • Purchase a team jersey to wear at provincials
  • Have fun and ride fast

We're going to start 15 minutes early for those who like to stretch, but practice will start at 6:30 with a few warm up laps. The focus will be on the upcoming provincial series, so learning about the strategies for the different track layouts. We're also going to be learning about bike maintenance, fitness nutrition, and have some whiteboard time during the water break at 7 pm.

Open Track

Open track is free for members of any BMX Club/Association; we will be charging Independent Riders a $20 per visit user fee for open track. Athletes with an ABA general license may only ride at their home track. Athletes with a race license with a UCI(D) number may ride at other tracks.


Contact Us

For more information on the coaching team, or for questions and comments on the program, please contact our head coach (TBD for 2018) at coach@calgarybmx.com.

Don't forget to participate in our races on Wednesday evenings. You can register online in District Racing.

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