2019 District Racing

Calgary BMX District Racing | Wednesday 7 pm : Please Register by 6:15pm 

Wednesday racing days run the entire season but are subject to weather/track conditions and cancellations. Join the Calgary BMX Racing Facebook page for your most up-to-the-minute schedule information.

Anyone may race that has a current ABA license. Racers will be divided into age, gender and ability class. Athletes with an ABA general license may only race at their home track. Athletes with a race license with a UCI(D) number may race at other tracks.

We will be charging Independent Riders a $20 user fee for race nights.

Race registration can be made online from Tuesday 6:00 PM – Wednesday 5:00 PM or at the track race night from 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM. Racers should check the rider list on the moto board before 7 PM to ensure they have been registered. Sorry, no late registrations will be accepted – NO EXCEPTIONS. Complete the form below to register online.

Please note, in order to be racing by 7 we require everyone to be registered by 6:15pm.  If you are registering at the track don't forget your license; plate number and age as of December 31st, 2019.

District Racing Registration Form

This is only neccessary if you would like to receive an email confirmation of your registration.
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