What to Expect on Race Days

The track will be open for some riding before racing. Racing starts at 7 PM.

Race Registration

Online registration is open 8:45am - 4:30pm. if you pre-reg online you don't have to check in at the track and it saves everyone time!

Registration is open at the track between 5:00 - 6:00 PM. Please be sure to have your license and know your plate number.

Registration closes at 6:00 PM sharp so that races can be built for a race start of 7 PM. Please do not show up late and ask to be registered. It is a lot of work to just add someone in and can set our race back by 15 minutes. We understand that young riders need to get to bed.  We try our best to stay on schedule. Please try and register online earlier in the day.

Register now: District Racing Registration Form


Age: Your rider will be the age that they turn by December 31, 2018. If your rider is 8 but turns 9 in September, they ride as a 9-year-old.

Plate number: Your plate number will be the last 3 digits of your UCI number if you have a racing license. If you have a general license, your plate number is the month and day of your riders' birthday, i.e., September 14 is 914.

Plates: Our plates will not be ready for our first race. We do have some temporary plates available in the track office. If you need a plate just ask for one. You can write your plate number on it with a sharpie. We will have plates available next week.

Rider Lists: Participant lists will be posted shortly after registration closes. Be sure to check that your riders are registered for the race. Check their name, age, gender, class and plate number. If anything is wrong this is your chance to fix it before races are built. We will announce when the lists are posted. They are posted on the board behind the bleachers.

Races/Motos: Just before 7 PM, we post the race heats, known as motos. The actual races begin shortly after. Your rider will have three races to ride in. They will be assigned a moto number and a lane per race. For example: “45: 4” means race 45 and lane 4. We recommend bringing:

  • A sharpie
  • Painters tape

You can write down your rider’s motos and lane numbers on the tape and stick it to their bike as a reminder which races to join.

Staging: Once racing begins it just runs in numerical order. It's a good idea to have your riders line up near the start (called “staging”) about 5 motos before their race number. There will be stagers to help your riders get to where they need to go. If you have little guys though, feel free to stay with them. They don't have to go up on their own. Young children may have helpers in the start gate.

After a Race: Riders will be directed where to exit the track. There is usually time for a short (drink) break before heading to staging for their next moto.  The races will run back-to-back until all the motos are done. There are usually no awards at District races but riders may check in at the track office for small prizes. Race results are emailed to the Alberta Bicycle Association for points after every race (UCI race license). Note that you are responsible for tracking your rider’s wins for class updates.

Water: Please be sure to bring lots of water! It may be hot.

Volunteers: We need help to run our races. Grab your spot and get those volunteer hours. Our races are a success because of our volunteers, so thank you in advance!

Volunteer Now: http://signup.com/go/PQsgied

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Someone will be around to help whether its a seasoned rider or a board member. We've all had our first race day and are happy to help!

Good luck to all our riders!

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