Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Anyone age 4* and up who can ride a two-wheel bike and wants to race and have fun! * Children must turn 4 by the end of December of the current year.

How do I get started?

Alberta BMX day is a great way to try BMX for free. Check out our webpage BMX Day for information. Or if you are ready to join, head on over to our  membership information. There you can sign up to join Calgary BMX for the season. You will also need to purchase an ABA license. Instructions are there.

What equipment do I need to start?

Basically you need a BMX bike that doesn't have kick stands or free style pegs. You will also need a full faced helmet, gloves and wear shoes, long pants and a long shirt. Calgary BMX has a free loaner bike program so you can try before you buy. For more information, go to What is BMX Racing or see our guide to new riders: 


Where can I find used gear?

Check out Alberta Bmx Buy and Sell on Facebook. Otherwise you can try Kijiji and the Calgary BMX Facebook page. Sometimes used gear is sold at the track on BMX Day, on race nights or at the Provincials.

What do I get for being a Calgary BMX Member?

With a membership you can join Wednesday night coaching as well as our Tuesday night race team if you choose. You can also race Monday and Thursday nights. Most Saturdays are open track for riders to ride for fun. The season typically starts beginning of May and ends mid September.

Why do I need an ABA license as well as a Club membership?

An ABA license is required for any bike rider in Alberta of any bike discipline who joins an organization. This is for liability and all funds go to Alberta Bicycle. For more information, you can go to A Calgary BMX membership is to join Calgary BMX and the membership fees go towards running our program on our BMX track.

How does beginner coaching work?

This practice time is focused on riders that are new to the sport and typically are younger. Skills that will be worked on are how to start in the start gate, make it down the first straight, how to get through the rhythm section, etc. We have lots of coaches on the track to help our new kids. For more information, please see our guide to new riders:


What should I expect on race night?

Race nights are an opportunity for your rider to race kids their age, gender and rider class (novice, intermediate or expert) Please see our guide to new riders for detailed info:


What is Calgary BM Race Team?

Our race team is an opportunity for any of the Calgary BMX riders to get an extra night of practice on Tuesday nights. The requirements for being a part of the team is to attend 4 of the 8 provincials, attend the grands, purchase a race team jersey, come to race team practices and want to ride fast and have fun! Tryouts are held to join the team but really it's more of a sign up night. Everyone gets on the team!

Do I need a membership to ride with my kids?

Anyone who rides on the Calgary BMX track during practices and race nights needs to have an ABA license and Calgary BMX Membership.

How old do my kids have to be?

Old enough to ride a pedal bike. Many of our riders start at 4 and 5. Children must turn 4 by the end of the current year.

Are strider bikes (pedaless) allowed?

At this time we only allow two-wheel pedal bikes (without training wheels) on the track. We are considering a program for strider races and/or a pump track - please check back.

Do you teach kids how to do tricks?

We teach kids how to race on a BMX track. Coaching does involve learning how to jump, manual and learn other skills that relate to racing. Calgary BMX is a racing discipline of BMX, not a freestyle.

I want to join but money is tight. Can you help?

Calgary BMX has partnered up with Kidsport Calgary. Kidsport Calgary assists families to join sports because every kid should play. We also have a loaner bike program that is free for all Calgary BMX members.

Can I reserve loaner bikes?

Loaner Bike program is first come first serve.

What are provincials?

Provincials are a race series held throughout the province of Alberta. There are 8 races a season (one weekend is two race, Saturday and Sunday) and a championship race. You don't need to qualify, you just need to sign up, have a ABA racing license and go. Races are the same as district races in that riders race their same age, class and gender. For more information, go to


For any other questions please contact the club president at

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