Thank you for choosing Calgary BMX Racing! Upcoming club and season opening announcements are in our news webpage or facebook page.

If you're not sure about BMX, pedal on down to our track and check us out first. New riders can always give BMX a try first! We have free equipment you can borrow.

Check out What is BMX Racing and Frequently Asked Questions. Our location is posted in Contact Us.

Registration Process for the 2019 Season

Follow the steps below to get a BMX license and to join our club.

A current ABA license must be purchased before completing our online registration process.

1. Get a License:

  • Go to the 2019 Alberta Bicycle Association Membership in Zone 4. For information on how to get your license scroll down for detailed instructions
  • You must get at a "General Membership (non-racing)" (license) to participate, or
  • You must get a "BMX/Freestyle born ...." (license) and complete the 'BMX Racing Section' to race for standings.
  • A license is valid from January to December of the year you purchased it.
  • A current license is required before participating in Calgary BMX.

2. Buy a Calgary BMX Membership:

  • Complete a Calgary BMX 2019 Club Registration. Calgary BMX membership is $115 per rider (includes coaching, district races, scheduled open track and race team participation if you choose).
  • Calgary BMX is proudly partnered with KidSport so all kids can play. For more information please visit Kidsport Calgary or contact our treasurer.
  • Accepted payment will be credit or etransfer (checks will not be accepted).

3. Review volunteer agreement:

  • Caglary BMX asks that it's members agree to 20 volunteer hours (per family) with a $250 volunteer post dated check that will be shredded once hours are fulfilled (otherwise you can pay $350 to waive the volunteer comittment).
  • For further information about what you can do to help please visit our volunteer page. A volunteer agreement is below for review but the agreement is completed through our online registration process.
  • Please submit a post-dated cheque to the registration office on your first race day of the season. The volunteer agreement check must be received by June 15, 2019 or club access will be put on hold.


4. Get the GEAR:

  • Want to ride but not ready to buy a bike? Borrow a bike and helmet from our free loaner bike program available to any Calgary BMX member.
  • Want your own gear? Check out our equipment guide in What is BMX Racing for a complete list.

Get a License (ABA Membership)

  1. CLUB STATUS: "I have joined an ABA sanctioned club" – select the "$0" button.
  2. Select "Calgary BMX" from the dropdown menu to become a member (for those who's home track is elsewhere, but want to become Calgary members as well, select your primary home track from the list). No charge should be levied for selecting Calgary BMX (as we handle this ourselves).
  3. Proceed to MEMBERSHIP TYPE and choose a general or CCA/UCI BMX licensing option. The 2019 options are:
    • $85 BMX/Freestyle born 2001-2014
    • $100 BMX/Freestyle born in or before 2000
    • $40 General Membership (non-racing)*
      *Chose if only riding the Calgary BMX track and not competing for points or to gain official skill levels.
    • To learn more about license types, visit Membership Types
  4. When asked if Challenge or Champion category, choose "Challenge" category for all racers, unless you are riding the pro classes (for money)
  5. Complete the remainder of the form especially the BMX RACING LICENCE section if you are racing (remember, you will need to upload a photo that will appear on your license if you are racing).
  6. Process your payment upon completion (VISA or MASTERCARD) and request an email receipt.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the enrollment process, please forward them to and we will respond as soon as possible.

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